Who we are?

> we are a network of fitness centers Baddy Fitness for the general public of all ages who want to expand their influence.
We give the opportunity to people who want to do business in the area but are looking for a strong partner who would bring to his city or settlement quality services in the field of fitness.
> we are the perspective of people with a view to continuously improving the service to our clients
> we market from 2013

What we offer and why franchise with us?

> experience in the implementation and operation of fitness centers
> best practices for increasing profits fitness operational
> help startup business
> proven marketing
> functional know-how

How does it works?

1. Finding space - the client determines where it wants to operate a fitness center and find space

2. Market analysis and the surrounding area - market research (potential) demographic survey is carried out my hotels

3. Proposal Solution (the machine without alterations) - we perform
- estimated: A) Costs – exercise machines, tools, equipment, changing rooms, reception
B) Revenue – by analyzing market size fitness center, practical experience
- Layout: layout design of machines, locker location, receptions, parts for seasonal
- Approximate determination time horizon of the project by signing a contract for the opening

4. Implementation of reconstruction - consult on the construction work and in the recommending partners with which it has long been cooperating
and their work is worth. You do not have to look or go through trial/error.


> cash
> leasing

Informations about Fanchising

For more informations call on 0918 982 784